About Me

At Corinne Consulting, we advance and connect heart-centered creatives and entrepreneurs by utilizing innovative branding, consulting, marketing strategies and creating powerful networks.

Vision: We are catalysts for creatives and entrepreneurs who uplift and transform the world for the better.


  • There’s enough for everyone
  • Connection and collaboration is our special sauce
  • Honest and brave communication creates powerful, efficient, and meaningful results
  • Creativity gives us limitless potential when it’s mixed with hard work and open minds
  • We advance when we show up with a positive, solution-focused mindset

Over the past thirteen years, I’ve had the privilege helping to bring a startup project to a world-renowned online brand to launching multiple New York Times best-selling book campaigns and developing digital products that have transformed the lives of thousands.

Today, I bring that expertise and my passion for entrepreneurship to a variety of clients alongside a talented and creative team. Our biggest passion is working with women-led businesses and personal brands who are ready and motivated to grow, prosper and do good in the world.